Project number:  SAP ID 130243
Project title: Support and training for Food processing enterprises in Grodno Oblast – Establishment of Grodno Agro–Industrial Park (GAIP) in Belarus
Thematic area code EC15 Agri Biz and Rural Enterprise Development
Starting date: July 2015
Duration: 30 months
Project site: Grodno, Belarus
Ministry of Economy, State Committee on Science and Technology of the republic of Belarus and Grodno Oblast Authority
Counterparts: Grodno Regional Executive Committee
Executing agency/ cooperating agency: UNIDO

UNIDO was requested to assist the Government of Belarus in establishing the Grodno Agro-Industrial Park — GAIP.

The main partners of the GAIP are: Grodno Regional Executive Committee, the Grodno State Agrarian University and the Association of Farmers of Grodno region, which represents the envisaged users of the being established facilities, thus securing sustainability.

Technical assistance

Technical assistance will be provided to establish a pilot facility to serve as a training centre for the GAIP. The training centre including a pilot plant will allow on-the-job training in selected food sectors. The pilot plant will be equipped with machinery and tools appropriate for modern food-processing. The experts of the center will work on product development and knowledge dissemination to enterprises of selected food sectors. The pilot facility will develop its services to become an Agro-Industrial Park providing assistance to the food-processing industry of the Grodno Oblast.

The support institutions

The support institutions identified to implement the activities of the GAIP-project will be gradually upgraded to be able to provide the requested support in a sustainable manner not only in food processing technology, but also in management, marketing, and proper financing. The GAIP project will start operating locally, but will later establish cooperation with national and international stakeholders in the mentioned fields, with the possibility of support provided through soft loans. Towards the completion of the project it is expected that the know-how and the acquired expertise of the GAIP facilities will be disseminated to other regions of Belarus and between the members of the Customs Union, primarily, as well as for cross-boarder implementation in the Community of Independent States and other developing countries.

The will be selected based on the result of an assessment to be carried out in the preparatory phase. Criteria such as the size and importance of the sector in relation to the national strategy will be used for the selection. Special attention will be given to the fruit and vegetable sectors as requested by the Government of Belarus.

The Russian Federation expressed its commitment to fund the project

Project partners

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Project implemented under technical support of UNIDO, with voluntary contribution of the Russian Federation to the Industrial Development Fund of UNIDO, and support of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee.