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Project goals

The aim is to contribute to the creation of integrated industrial, technological and modern agro-industrial structures in the Grodno Oblast of the Republic of Belarus with focus on private sector development. In its agrarian policy the oblast focuses on sustainable and dynamic growth of farms. The oblast has reorganized agricultural companies and is aiming on developing supply chains based on farm outputs and strengthened processing enterprises. As an effect of the interventions farms and food processing enterprises will become more profitable.

The availability of strong support structures will be crucial to reach this goal as especially private enterprises are lacking of know how in technical and marketing aspects as well as appropriate modern management. In the past the structures of the support institutions focused on big enterprises and their needs.
The transition of the industry also allowing private enterprises creates the need for appropriate structures; therefore the Governmental strategy now involves the creation of these structures. The envisaged Grodno Agro Industrial–Park (GAIP) is one of these structures.

The ownership of the GAIP should rest with a closed corporation established by the Grodno Regional Executive Committee, the Grodno State Agrarian University and the Association of Private Farmers, which represents the envisaged users of the facilities.

GAIP is planned to become a self-sustainable centre

GAIP is planned to become a self-sustainable centre of excellence for training staff from national enterprises (especially private owned), but in the long run also for trainees from abroad in the most important areas of a food–processing value chain. Tailor made services for SME’s in the sector will attract entrepreneurs to establish food–processing enterprises around the training centre thus finally creating the GAIP. By grouping enterprises around a support institution, support services will be accepted much more frequently on the one side, on the other side infrastructure could be utilised jointly and environmentally friendly technologies introduced. Economic by–products utilisation could be achieved easier than with geographical spread.

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Project implemented under technical support of UNIDO, with voluntary contribution of the Russian Federation to the Industrial Development Fund of UNIDO, and support of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee.